Sending homeless to Atlantic City

Flag of Atlantic City

Flag of Atlantic City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stabbings draw attention to Atlantic City’s other visitors – homeless.

The title of the Inquirer’s article read “Sending homeless to AC.”  I remember reading an article on the same subject about 15 years ago.  Not much has changed.

People have suggested to Brandon that he go to different cities, and one gave him a bus ticket.  Emergency room personnel documented this in his records.  He was also deposited at the Walmart by the police when he walked into a police station stating, “I have nowhere to go” and refused to leave.  He’s unable to care for himself, but not an immediate danger to himself.  A person can be hospitalized if they are ‘gravely disabled,’ but most interpret this in the strictest sense – there must be an immediate and severe problem.

Most large cities struggle with these issues.  There are some great programs out there to address homelessness, but mental health and similar services are the first cut when times are bad.


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