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Another year of institutionalization

Between juggling kids’ schedules and a full-time job, I just couldn’t find time to write.  I thought about it as first the holidays passed, and then his birthday.  I thought about it when I read about Mr. Holmes in CO, and then the CT incident because there were a myriad of articles and analyses about … Continue reading

Emergency Meds v. physical restraints

Last I wrote, there was a question about whether the state hospital placed Brandon in restraints due to hitting himself in the head.  This kind of behavior would normally have been cause for a judge to order Brandon on emergency medication.  When I called to find out what was going on, upper management expressed concern about the discrepancy and … Continue reading

Restraints at the state hospital?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written.  As usual, things with Brandon never get busy when I’m relaxing at home with nothing to do. The state hospital admitted Brandon several weeks ago as scheduled.  Part of my dilemma in writing this book is where to end it.  Do I include the most recent sagas while working on the … Continue reading

4th State Hospitalization

Huzzah!  The judge accepted the state hospital‘s recommendation that Brandon is incompetent.  I wonder how often the judge rejects an incompetency recommendation.  If anyone knows, I’d be interested to hear. Now we wait until a bed opens at the state hospital.  This will be Brandon’s 4th state hospitalization.  I’m hoping things will be different since … Continue reading