Disadvantages of calling: “let me transfer you!”

Last week, I decided that I really should find out what’s going on with my relative (who I shall refer to going forward as “Brandon”) since the court ordered an incompetency evaluation last month.  Since the public defender hasn’t returned the three messages I left, I knew it was time for me to get an update through other means. … Continue reading

Its Madness: Writing on Guardianship Publicly

For those that don’t know, I am writing a book on guardianship from afar from the perspective of a social worker and family member.  Initially, I wanted to write anonymously to protect my relative’s confidentiality.  After a month of writing this blog and after speaking with my lawyer, I decided writing a book anonymously isn’t going … Continue reading

Life on a ‘pause’ button

Sometimes I feel like my life (and my relative’s) are on ‘pause.’  I did talk to my lawyer who thinks the book idea is great!  She was going to talk to his lawyer just to make sure, but if I change his name and don’t mention the location, it should be ok.  It was a … Continue reading

Talking to my lawyer

I decided to talk to my lawyer (tomorrow) about whether its wise to write a book on this subject.  I just saw a post from Doris Fuller on the Treatment Advocacy website, but it’s about her daughter and she doesn’t have quite the same situation as I do.  I’m not writing a book to make … Continue reading

Safe during winter, but missing spring

For the past few years, my relative has been spending winters in jail or the hospital.  Which is a good thing because otherwise, he’d probably not survive.  Although not the ideal solution, it keeps him off the street.  It takes many months for a preliminary hearing, then an incompetency evaluation, to review the incompetency evaluation … Continue reading

Its madness – I became involved

I titled by blog “It’s Madness” for the double meaning: 1) my relative is mad 2) many folks have called me mad to get involved. My relative became mentally ill in his late 20s (about 20 yrs. ago), so I grew up hearing bits and pieces about his struggles.  The couple times I had met … Continue reading

My Introduction

I have been a guardian and conservator for a mentally ill relative for the past 5 yrs.  I’ve been surprised that the resources out there for guardians are limited.  NAMI has support groups for people that have family members who are mentally ill, but I found it difficult to get to them as I worked … Continue reading